Studio 2 Rental Rates

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MOS Prices

Any productions that does not require clean audio - Photo shoots, effects shoots, music videos, ect..

Sound Stage Prices

Sound Stage - filming that requires the recording of clean audio - Interviews, talking head, dialog, ect...

  • White studio 80′ 2 wall cyc
  • Vehicle access
  • Private studio
  • Private large wardrobe room
  • 360º black out curtains
  • Pre-lit cyc on dimmers (additional charge)
  • 15′ Lighting grid
  • 200A 3 phase / 600A total studio power
  • 1200A power upgrade available for rent / 1800A total
  • Studio lounge with pool table and 65″ flat screen
  • 2 Large make-up stations
  • Access to our full kitchen
  • Access to a client lounge
  • Access to a conference room
  • Access to a production office
  • Built in music playback with aux input
  • On-site equipment and lighting rentals
  • On-site prop rental
  • Extension cords
  • Folding tables and chairs
  • On-site studio manager

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Studio 2 (MOS) rental floor plan


Studio 2 (Sound Stage) rental floor plan


Studio 2 White cyc soundstage Studio Space Atlanta
Studio Green chroma key soundstage Studio Space Atlanta
Atlanta rental studio kitchen
Studio Space Atlanta conference room
production office studio space atlanta