Two 8000 Square Foot Studios!

Features Included:

  • 2 Locations with 5 cyc walls!
  • 80 foot 2 wall white hard cyc (Studio 2)
  • 60 foot 3 wall hard green screen cyc (Studio Green)
  • 60 foot 2 wall half white, half black hard cyc (Studio 1)
  • 66 foot 2 wall white hard cyc (Studio 3) Midtown Location
  • 58 foot 2 wall hard green screen cyc (Studio 4) Midtown Location
  • Completely silent air-conditioning and heat
  • 15ft grid (Studios 2, 3, 4 and Green only)
  • Full scale vehicle access (Studios 2, 4 and Green only)
  • 600A-1800A power distro included
  • Pre-light options on dimmers available (Studios 2, 3, 4, and Green only)
  • Tons of onsite rental equipment
  • Seven large wardrobe and make-up rooms
  • AC and heat though out studio
  • Thick soundproof walls (Soundstage booking only)
  • 4 large sound doors (Soundstage booking only)
  • Soundproofing in ceiling (Soundstage booking only)
  • 2 Production Offices Available
  • In-house props for rent
  • 5 Client lounge areas
  • Private talent loft with a private dressing room
  • Onsite studio manager during bookings
  • 2 Full kitchens
  • Client conference area
  • Free onsite parking
  • Free WiFi
  • Book the studio for anytime 24 Hours / 7 days a week!
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Rental Studios

Studio Space Atlanta has 2 locations with 6 rental studios that cater to some of the most well-known artists and companies in Atlanta. Whether you have a large video / film production or a photo shoot, our rental studios are more than accommodating. Both of our 8000sqft Atlanta based rental studios has hosted such clients as AMC, ABC, Disney, CNN, VH1, TNT, Home Depot, Coca Cola, Reebok, AT&T, Mitsubishi and many more. Click here for our client list.

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Studio 2

80′ 2 Wall White Cyc with Vehicle Access and Dressing Room

Great for Film & Videos! Studio 2 is the largest area of our facility. You can easily drive any type of vehicle right on the cyc wall floor (fits up to two full size cars). With a lighting grid at 15 feet it makes any light easy to hang. Studio 2 is outfitted with pre-hung cyc lights (additional charge) and 360 degree black stage curtains that wrap around the entire stage. This studio also has an attached dressing/make-up room. This studio has silent climate control and access to the full kitchen/conference area.

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Studio Green

60′ 3 Wall Green Screen with Vehicle Access and Dressing Room

Our permanent green screen is great for special effects compositing and corporate/web videos. Like studio 2, studio green has vehicle access, studio silent AC, lighting grid at 15 feet with pre-hung cyc lights (additional charge) and an attached wardrobe and make-up room. The great thing about our green screen cyc wall is unlike other studios, you do not have to pay to have it painted green, it stays that way.

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Studio 1

60′ 2 Wall Half Black & Half White CYC – Private Studio with Dressing Room

Our photographers love this space! Studio 1 has the ease of an attached dressing/make-up room and a seamless background system for multiple different looks and colors. As well as a white cove cyc, this studio also has a black cyc wall that gives the photographer/video professional multiple choices of looks and atmospheres.

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Studio 3 – Midtown

66′ 2 Wall White Cyc with wardrobe, makeup and a green room in Midtown Atlanta

Great location! Studio 3 is a soundproofed 2 wall large white cyc wall studio located in the heart of midtown Atlanta. This studio hass all of the perks and amenities that you would expect from a Studio Space facility including a 2 station Make-up room, 2 dressing rooms, wardrobe room, green room, 2 private bathrooms, a dock door, and access to a full kitchen. When it comes to the perfect balance of studio amenities, facility build out and location, this studio has it all.

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Studio 4 Green – Midtown

58′ 2 Wall Green Screen with Vehicle Access and Amenities

Our 2nd permanent green screen in Atlanta. Studio 4 Green has been used for countless tv shows and commercials. When it comes to a prelit green screen studio for rent in the heart of Atlanta, Studio Space Midtown is it. The great thing about our green screen cyc wall unlike other studios you do not have to pay to have it painted chroma green, it stays that way.

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Atlanta Filmworks Studio

57,000 sf film studio with a 20k sf stage, 20k sf mill/flex and 16k sf in production offices

This is the studio for your large film/tv project. Atlanta Filmworks Studio has been booked out since it’s opening in 2013 with 2 AMC shows back to back. Our facility has all the production space you need under one roof incuding a large open stage, large mill/flex space, office space, plenty of parking and much more.

Trust Our Numbers

We would not get the amount of bookings we do, nor would we get kind of reviews we have if we did not treat our clients with the up most professionalism and respect. Studio Space Atlanta enjoys a mix of professional filmmakers and photographers as well as artist just starting out. All clients are treated with the same respect weather your production is a large multi day shoot or just a couple hours on our studio one. We are proud to be the most booked studio in the southeast and we believe this respect and courtesy has a lot to do with it.

square-feet of film studios

Productions Hosted

Average productions a year

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Studio Space Atlanta Amenities

These are the things that make you feel right at home. Along with our great customer service, our amenities are designed to make your production run smoothly. These extra support areas and features bring comfort and ease to your booking and most of them come with no extra charge.

2 – 8,000 sf facilities

The layout of our facility.

Our 2 8000 sqft facilities consists of 5 large cyc walls, 5 large wardrobe rooms with make-up stations, 5 client and talent lounges, 2 full kitchens, 2 production offices, conference room, plenty of on-site production equipment rentals and a more….

2 – Full Kitchens

Caterers and crafty loves this

With our 2 full kitchens it’s easy to have your caterer set up and not bother your shoot. Complete with a sink, stove (at Atlanta location only), oven, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher, your clients will feel right at home. Don’t forget the coffee, brew a pot of coffee before your production begins and …photos and more…

Conference Area

For the all important meetings.

Need to have a POW-WOW with your crew? Bring them into the conference area (at Atlanta location only) and map out your plan. With a curved horizontal wall you could move the table and chairs for an additional studio space. Every part of our studio acts as a chameleon and can be changed around the parameters of your shoot. …photos and more…

Equipment and Prop Rentals

On-Site Gear and Props.

We stock and keep thousands of pieces of equipment onsite ready for you when you need it. You can send us a equipment list upon booking or rent at the time of your booking, up to you. We also keep some of the more popular props here for rental as well. Equipment List…… Prop List

5 – Client Lounges

For the relaxation of your crew and clients. 

Our 5 client lounges/green rooms help when you have plenty of cast and crew working on your production, but might not need them in the studio quite yet. Complete with 4 flat screen TVs hooked up for cable tv (Atlanta location only), leather couches, and coffee tables. Your cast and crew will have …photos and more…

Production Offices

Your space to do business.

Our 2 offices (at Atlanta location only) are here at your disposal. A closed production office with keyed entry assist the production when the producers require their own office.  An open front desk office assists the production when you have cast that need to check in before entering the studio.  Both offices come with a desk, office chairs …photos and more…

Ample Free Parking

Plenty of parking and free of charge

(Atlanta location only, our Midtown location has limited parking) With all the free parking we have, you will not have a problem bringing your entire production crew to assist in the production. Whether its the car you arrived in or a ten ton grip truck, more…

Wardrobe and Make-up Rooms

MUA’s rave about our MU & wardrobe facilities

We don’t believe that the talent/artist should be sat in a small room for their make-up and wardrobe needs. Our wardrobe and make-up rooms are large and comfortable. Each studio comes with a wardrobe / make-up room attached so that your talent looks the way you need them to. In addition to the three large … photos and more…

Vehicle Access

Automotive productions and load in.

Our vehicle ramp door measuring 10 feet wide, 11.5 feet high makes it easier than ever to drive a large fire truck or a lowered Maserati onto either the cyc wall floor of studio 2 and our green screen cyc. The accessibility of vehicles inside the studio is a great asset for music videos, large product or automotive … and more…

Free & Fast Internet

Supa-fast internet.

Lighting fast free WiFi is available throughout our entire facility. Our internet connection speed is 250+mbps down and 25+mbps up making it easy for web broadcast and client uploads. We also supply a hard ethernet line out to the main floor of Studio 2 and Green. Our internet connection can easily support many computers logged on at the same time… more….

Free On-Site Studio Manager

We are here for your convenience.

Studio Space Atlanta is dedicated to customers and our clients comfort. We always have a studio manager on-site during every booking free of charge. Ask anybody, we help with anything that is called upon us. If you need a stapler or you need us to pull out a ton of gear, just let us know. Our reviews tell the story. ..Testimonials..

24/7 Available Booking

If there is available hours, you can book it.

Unlike most production facilities, you can book any of the 24 hours in the day. Talent leaving town tomorrow and you need a 4am call time?… no problem. Need to book a 20 hour day to build out a set and shoot.. no problem. You can start and end your booking anytime and we do not charge more for off hours. The rates are the same no matter when you book. (Call in hours are from 8am-12am everyday)  more….

Call in anytime between 8am-12am EST to check availability or to get additional questions answered. (404) 630-0508

Apply a deposit of half down to reserve your studio and/or equipment on your preferred date and times.

Arrive at Studio Space Atlanta on the date and time of your booking ready for a great experience and a client friendly atmosphere.

Atlanta Filmworks Studio

Need a larger studio? We also have a 57,000 sf Atlanta film studio less than half a mile from our Studio Space Atlanta location. Atlanta Filmworks Studios recently hosted the complete first three seasons of AMC’s brilliant show “Halt and Catch Fire”. AMC used our production facility in its entirety including the building’s 20,000 sf soundproof column free soundstage, our additional 20,000 sf mill and extra stage space and the ample 16,000 sf of production office space.

Square Foot Studio

Square Foot Stage

Square Feet in Offices

Years booked straight

We Love to Talk to Our Clients Personally

Please feel free to call us anytime between 8am-12am everyday. Want to email us? Go right ahead, we are lightning fast with our email responses. Want to stalk our studio? We have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus and more. All of our social networking links are at the bottom of this page.


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