Music Video Productions

Music Video Productions at Studio Space Atlanta

Most utilized studio in Atlanta for Music Video Productions

If you are producing a music video in atlanta, you have found the right place. Studio Space Atlanta has hosted more than 1500 music videos since our opening in 2008. We are Atlanta’s most trusted and experianced music video production facility for rent.

Our location is one of the keys to our success. We are conviently located off 2 of Atlanta’s largest interstates. Our location also puts us against the grain of traffic. We do not have a big storefront and we love the fact that we are nestled neatly and privately in a building that no one would suspect. Studio Space also has over 70 free parking spaces right out our front door, this makes entry and exit easy and private.

The caliper of artist speaks enough for our studio’s legitimacy. Please don’t bring your artist to a unreliable, non-airconditioned, untrusted studio with low available power and a facility with little to no equipment onsite. Bring your music video production to our fully airconditioned, reliable, trusted studio with plenty of avalable power and litterally tons of rental equipment onsite.

Below is a compulation of a few of the music videos we have hosted at Studio Space Atlanta as well as a sample list of music video productions and other productions that have filmed at our large faility. (Check out our Blog for hundreds of music videos shot at Studio Space Atlanta)