• How do I check availability?

    Call or email anytime between the hours of 8am-10pm 365 days a year (366 on leap year)

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  • How do I book a studio?

    Once we have checked availability for your studio we require a deposit of half down to reserve. You can pay this by credit card over the phone (preferred to reserve your time/days quickly), CashApp, Venmo, Apple Pay or come in and pay cash (please call 1 hour before arriving). After that we send you a confirmation of booking that lists your studio, date, time, deposit and balance.

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  • Do you offer tours so I can see the studios before I reserve?

    Yes, however we can not walk you through another clients booking therefore tours are based on studio availability. To request a tour please call at least 1 hour before you would like to arrive.

    (404) 630-0508

  • Do you rent on site lighting and equipment?

    Yes. We have tons of equipment all onsite for your convenience.

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  • Do you have props onsite?

    Yes. Even though we are not a prop house, we have stocked some really cool in house props for rent. Some of the most popular props, king throne, 5ft motorized turntable, our 53 6ft tall block letters (double every letter in the alphabet + a hashtag) and our prop money.

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  • Does lights / equipment come with the studio rental?

    We do not include lighting in the studio rental price. We do this for 2 reasons. If we included lights, our clients that come with their own lights would be made to pay for gear they are not using. furthermore, which lighting/gear to use is a creative call, no two productions are the same and we will not assume every production we need the same lighting set up. All of our clients are free to bring in their own lights/gear or you can rent lighting from our large list of equipment rentals on site.

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  • Is there someone there during my booking?

    Yes, we provide an onsite studio manager free of charge. This person is here to answer any questions you have and we will help in anyway possible.

  • Is smoking allowed inside Studio Space Atlanta?

  • No, we house an abundance of sensitive equipment. Smoking around this equipment damages it. If someone smokes against our policy there is a $150 smoking fee added