Diffused Lighting Package

These packages are great for lighting the talent and white/green floor at the same time cutting down on shadows. Our space light cyc light combination give the best balance of light while limiting shadows. 

Studio 2, full wall & floor pre-lit package. 2-6,000 watt space lights & 9-2,000 watt cyc lights – $400

Studio 2, White-out package. 4-6,000 watt space lights & 9-2,000 watt cyc lights – $550 (Includes 18,000 watts on the walls and 24,000 watts on the floor and talent, all diffuse to limit shadows) This is our most ordered package.

Studio Green Screen, full wall & floor pre-lit, 2-6,000 watt space lights hung & 5-2,000 watt cyc lights – $350

Add the 5k fresnels or  4k soft boxes to boost your lighting for maximum white. – $75 each   All 5k fresnels and  4k soft box rentals come with a roller stand and a 60amp bates.

diffused lighting packages rental

diffused lighting packages rental