All Studio Amenities

8000 Square Foot Facility

The layout of our facility.

Our 8000sqft facility gives your production crew plenty of room to get your production in the can. Our support areas consists of 3 large cyc walls, 3 large wardrobe rooms with make-up stations, 3 client and talent lounges, a kitchen, 2 production offices, conference room, plenty of on-site production equipment rentals and a machine area for in house set building. Clients can rent out individual areas or the entire building based on their production needs. Whether you are a local photographer or an international filmmaker, Studio Space Atlanta has the facility to meet and exceed your professional goals.

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Wardrobe and Make-up Rooms

3 Large dressing, wardrobe and make-up support rooms.

We don’t belive that the talent/atrist should be sat in a small room for their make-up and wardrobe needs. Our talent support rooms are large and comfortable. Each studio comes with a wardrobe make-up room attached for no additional charge. Don’t limit yourself to shooting just in our main areas, these rooms are great for additional production shots.


Studio 1 Wardrobe
studio-space-atlanta-studio-1-wardrobe-2016 Studio 2 WardrobeStudio 2 Dressing Final 2012 TV VIP Talent Loft Wardrobestudio-space-aqtlanta-wardrobe-vip-talent

Full Kitchen

Kitchen with Oven, Microwave, Stove, Refrigerator, Sink and Dishwasher… and the all important COFFEE!

With a full kitchen it’s easy to have your caterer set up and not bother your shoot. Complete with a sink, stove, oven, microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher, your clients will feel right at home. Don’t forget the coffee, brew a pot of coffee before your production begins and have everyone ready for the shoot.



Client Lounges

3 Large Comfortable Client Lounges

Our 3 client lounges help when you have plenty of cast and crew working on your production but might not need them in the studio quite yet. Complete with 1-65″, 1-50″ and 1-46” flat screen TVs hooked up for cable tv, leather couches, leather loveseats, leather chairs and coffee tables, pool table, vending machines, and a water cooler. Your clients, cast and crew will have a place to relax before and during your production.


Studio 2 Lounge
studio-space-atlanta-studio-2-lounge-2-2016 Studio Lobbystudio-space-atlanta-lobby-2016 VIP Talent Loft Loungestudio-space-atlanta-vip-lounge-client-2016

Production Offices

2 Large Production Offices

Our 2 production offices are here at your disposal. A closed production office with keyed entry will assist your shoot when the producers require their own office.  An open front desk office assists the production when you have cast that need to check in before entering the studio.  Both offices come with a desk, office chairs, internet and phone.


Private Production Office
studio-space-atlanta-production-office-2016 Open Receiving Production Officestudio-space-atlanta-front-office-2016

Conference Room

Conference room for meet, eat and relaxation

Need to have a POW-WOW with your crew? Bring them into the conference area and map out your plan. With a curved horizontal wall you could move the table and chairs for an additional studio space. Every part of our studio acts as a chameleon and can be changed around the parameters of your shoot.

atlanta rental studio conference room


Vehicle Access

For Automotive Productions and Music Videos

Our vehicle ramp door measuring 10 feet wide, 11.5 feet high makes it easier than ever to drive a large fire truck or a lowered Maserati onto either the cyc wall floor of studio 2 and our green screen. The accessibility of vehicles inside the studio is a great asset for music videos, large product or automotive photography and loading/unloading grip trucks and equipment. Our Studio 2 is more than large enough to fit 2 full size cars with plenty of room to fill the shot with white. Our Studio Green Screen fits 1 full size car making it great for automotive related special effects.


Photography by Klifton Keplinger


Ample Free Parking

No Worries About Parking, Plenty of it Here!

With all the free parking we have, you will not have a problem bringing your entire production crew to assist in the production. With plenty of parking up front and even more in the back. Whether its the car you arrived in or a ten ton grip truck, you will be more than satisfied with the available parking.


Free Fast WIFI – 50+ mbps

No Worries About Internet, Tons of FAST internet available!

Lighting fast free WiFi is available throughout our entire facility. Our internet connection speed is 50+mbps making it easy for web broadcast and client uploads. Our internet connection can easily support many computers logged on at the same time.