Studio Space Atlanta – Diffused Lighting Package

Diffused Lighting Package This package is great for lighting the talent and white floor at the same time cutting down on shadows. Our 4000 watt softboxes can be added to the pre-lit cyc light rental for a premium effect of whiting out the large area. Our 4K softbox rentals all come with a roller stand and 50ft 60amp bates. 5 …


DJ Drama TI Ludacris Jeezy – We in this bitch – Studio Space ATL

DJ Drama, Ludacris, TI and Jeezy showed up at Studio Space Atlanta to film a music video for DJ Drama’s song “We in this Bitch”. Artist such as Tre da Truth and Future joined the set for this all star cast and crew. Check out the Behind the Scenes. Music Video to come. Photos 3 and 4 compliments of Soul …


BGZ Studios-Dark Phoenix-Studio Space Atlanta

When we speak of an amazing photo shoot we now use this as an example. Professional, gorgeous and very well planned, the BGZ Studios shoot at Studio Space Atlanta pulled it off. BGZ Studios utilized our Studio 2 for a “Dark Phoenix” photo shoot that, dare I say, came out perfect! A top-noch photographer and stunt crew made “Magic” happen …


MR.Totem – Graffiti Wall – Studio Space Atlanta

Mr.Totem has spent a few nights painting a masterpice in our studio lounge. We really can’t say enough about how talented this guy really is. This art work has brought life to the Studio Space Atlanta lounge not to mention having yet another background to shoot against. <img src=”″ height=”1″ width=”1″ alt=””/></mce:noscript>